South Africa I love you: Memories for life


During my 5-week vacation to Southern Africa in February and March 2017, I had the pleasure of visiting my top three favorite countries in Africa: Namibia, South Africa and Angola. I was stationed in Namibia which is basically a smaller version of South Africa. The two countries are almost one because they share the same apartheid history, same food, music etc. Namibia was once almost considered a province of South Africa. I encourage everyone to read about the reach history of Namibia and South Africa. Unfortunately, Namibia is still very depended on sister-country South Africa…..

Anyway, I took a direct 1.5 hour return flight from Namibia to Johannesburg, South Africa, via South African Airways which has about 4-5 direct flights between Namibia and South Africa every day. I missed my first flight due to South African Airways lack of communication on new policies. When I flew South African Airways in 2014 with my one year old son, I wasn’t asked to produce any documentations for my son other than his passport. South African Airline’s new policy is that anyone traveling with a child has to produced a certified copy of the child’s full birth certificate and a letter from the father saying that the child has permission to travel. If one has full custody of the child, they can produce the court full custody order instead of a letter from one of the parents. I only found this one when I was about to fly to South Africa with my four year old. I had to miss my flight and catch a later flight after I had gotten certified documents required to fly with my son. Of course, I had to pay flight rebooking fees and other related fees. So to all parents out there traveling with children and using South African Airlines, please make sure you have those documents. I wish they had asked me to upload them when I bought my ticket online or told me to have them handy when I check in. There was no such communication. I ended up having to pay for South Africa’s lack of communication on new policies. I was quite upset about this but thanks for technology, I was able to get all the required documents with in a couple of hours and I was able to fly out the next day with my son.


Nonetheless, South Africa is my second favorite country in Africa for various reasons…..Namibia is the first and Angola is the third…..  I love South Africa for various reasons… One of the reasons is that it’s a sister country to my motherland, Namibia, which shared the same brutal apartheid system and government. This resulted in my being born in Exile (Angola) where my my parents under SWAPO, along with their ANC comrades fought to end apartheid in their respective countries. I also love South Africa for its rich arts and entertainment. I’m of the opinion that South Africans are the best natural and effortless singers and dancers in the world. As someone who loves music and dances from all world cultures and backgrounds, no music and dance moves have ever moved and impressed me the way South African music and dance has. South Africans are very talented. Another thing I love about South Africa is the beauty of the country and its diversity. The country is beautiful, well organized and better managed than a lot of African countries. It’s good to go to an African country where things are orderly and well organized, on the most part (Namibian and South Africa), with out trash and dirty running water in the streets, electricity and water regularly shutting off at random times, without warning (Angola).


Paying Madiba a visit at Mandela Square in Sandton (Johannesburg)


It was indeed a pleasure to visit South Africa again in March 2017 for a week. It was my longest time in South Africa. I have visited South Africa before but it was just a quick stop and I didn’t really get to see and do as much as I wanted. This time, I got a chance to visit three major areas in South Africa. I was staying in beautiful Pretoria, the capital City of South Africa, which is a short 30 minute drive to the busy and energetic city of Johannesburg. I was able to do an interesting tour of three major areas in South Africa: Pretoria, Johannesburg and Soweto.


While in South Africa, I stayed in Pretoria for one week and had a great time, especially sine it’s only 30 minutes to an hour drive (based on traffic) to Johannesburg, the major city of South Africa. Pretoria is the beautiful, ever green, and peaceful capital City of South Africa and therefore it’s full of historic sites. I visited the magnificent Union Buildings, the heart of South Africa’s government, with a beautiful garden and a huge statue of Nelson Mandela. I also visited the Voortrekker Monument which symbolizes Afrikaaner Nationalism. I then visited Church square with prominent buildings such as OuRaadsaal, Palace of Justice and Capital Theater


Mandela Statue At the Union Buildings; South Africa’s beautiful parliament!
Beautiful green and peaceful Pretoria



This Mandela Statue is way bigger than the one in Sandton.
All embassies in South Africa are in Pretoria so I had to visit Namibia’s; home away from home.
Inside the Namibian embassy in Pretoria, holding a Namibian flag.



Visiting the Voortrekker Momument!


The buildings at Church Square are magnificent.


Here is a video of my tour of Pretoria!



I had a great time on a tour of Johannesburg, a major town in South Africa! This city is amazing. I saw all the main tourist attractions including Sandton where the statue of Nelson Mandela is. We passed through the popular Hillbrow, Central Johannesburg, Braamfontein, Newtown. We stopped by the 269/50 stories Telkom Tower with a distinctive skyline where you can see the whole of Johannesburg. We visited the Constitution Hill which is the highest court in South Africa. I had the please to go inside the court. We also passed through the longest Southern African bridge, the Nelson Mandela Bridge. We visited the Carlton Centre also known as the Top of Africa; it’s the tallest building in Africa with 50 floors and you can experience the amazing view of the whole of Johannesburg from the 50th floor. We also visited the Apartheid Museum before visiting the infamous Soweto Township (see separate video).

A view of Johannesburg from Top of Africa building (the tallest building in Africa)
Inside the Top of Africa building


Inside South Africa’s highest court (supreme court) – The Consitution Hill


With my tour crew at the Constition Hill – The highest Court in South Africa



Slogan for the liberation struggle movement. Portuguese for “The Struggle continues…”



Ironically, I had an experience at the Restaurant inside the Apartheid Museum which made me feel like I was still in Apartheid South Africa. My four year son and I went to get food. We purchased our food but the food took a long time to come and we were so hungry. However, the white people who came after us got their food faster. I had to keep going back to the counter to ask how long it was going to take and every time they told me that it was coming. What we ordered wasn’t supposed to take long to make. So we waited an hour until I got really upset and went back to the counter and asked for the last time why I’m still waiting for my food when the white people who came before me all got their food. I told the restaurant servers that we need to do a better job treating each other well like we do white people. The restaurant servers were all black. They assured me that “no, it’s not like that ma’am….” But it was like that. I have noticed that in Namibia too, black service providers treat white customers better than they treat black customers. However, I will give these restaurant servers some credit because they were polite when I complained and apologized in the end and prevented a bad customer service situation from escalating…. They even let me go behind the counter to charge my phone. I think our people just need to be constantly reminded that we black people need to treat each other better. We are in this struggle together.

Watch my tour video of Johannesburg!



I enjoyed the visiting the hotspots of Soweto, the infamous township in South Africa. The tour included a visit to the famous National Football Stadium (the Calabash) where the first and last matches of the 2010 World Cup were held. Visited the Diepkloof market area, Orlando West where the Nelson Mandela house and Desmond Tutu’s house is located. We also visited the shanty town and closed of the tour at Hector Pieterson Memorial about the Soweto uprising of June 16, 1976.


Wow; I finally set foot at this historic place that I heard so much about! Goals accomplished!



At the Hector Pieterson Memorial in Soweto.


The Kalabash! Where the first and last World Cup match was held.



You have not been to Soweto unless you take a picture with this background
Walking in the Soweto township… See video below for more…
The slums of Soweto



Soweto also has the rich area with beautiful houses
At Mandela House


Watch the video below of my awesome time in Soweto!


The only thing other thing I wanted to do while in South Africa was go party in Johannesburg. I live to dance so it’s not like me to go to a country and not go dancing. I was ready to go dancing but I was in South Africa the week when foreigners were being targeted violently so I was discouraged from going out partying by loved ones in South Africa. I personally didn’t feel threatened or unsafe in South Africa but that’s a story for another time…… I had a great one week in South Africa and I can’t wait to visit again. My next stop has to be Cape Town, the beautiful seaside city in South Africa with beautiful beaches and mountains.

View all pictures from this trip here:

South Africa, I love you! Thanks for the great time. Until next time….. Stay beautiful!