Why I love visiting Boston, MA!

I have been to Boston a few times before but the trip I took during in September 2017 was the best one. I had a great time with family and friends, and even had enough time to rest, relax, complete 1 hour+ runs/jogs along the beach and I even managed to fit in a tour the city because I was there for a whole week. That’s the longest and best time I have ever stayed in Boston. It pays to give yourself enough time to stick around when visiting a major city, town of country so you can see and enjoy all that it has to offer. Check it out; amazing pictures and videos below. Boston has become one of my favorite vacation spots in the USA.

Beach life…. My happy place! Enjoying a great day at one of the beaches in Boston!




On a cruise around Boston! See video below!

The Boston harbor is beautiful! We took the cruise downtown Boston. The scenery was beautiful and therapeutic. The tour guide share the interesting history of Boston during our cruise. I highly recommend doing cruise tour of Boston.

I live by the motto, work hard, play hard! I love the beach and being in that perfect world with no cares and worries. Boston beaches are beautiful. The weather was amazing that week. I woke up every morning to go for an hour run nonstop along the beach. Running puts me in a happy zone where I shut the whole world out and make it all about me. See beach video below:


I managed to take the popular Boston Duck Tours so learn about Boston from land and river. Quack-Quack! This was fun, check it out!




The food was amazing! I remember one particular brunch I had near the harbor. It was too good. I can’t remember the restaurant but it was a deli right the subway station downtown Boston. It wasn’t the most healthy good but it was oh so delicious! I jogged it off the next day though… :



And of course, I proudly flew American to Boston and back home to Washington, DC! 🙂


I hope you get a chance to visit Boston and if you have been before, and haven’t taken the tours, I hope you will! See more pictures here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm4PryRj

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